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We have relationships built in many locations around the world, and have provided either certification courses or on going technique courses for hundreds of athletes. To have us out is very easy just fill out the request form and we will contact you.


USA Weightlifting: Sports Performance Coach

  • A great starting point for those coaches who have ambition to train athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. You will learn how to set athletes to be successful in learning the technique from the start, and how to build programs with the olympic lifts to maximize their gains on and off the field.

USA Weightlifting: Advanced Sports Performance Coach

  • This course is designed for those coaches who are looking to train national weightlifting competition caliber athletes. This challenging course builds on the skills and techniques that were developed in the Sports Performance Coach class and is a requirement for coaches looking to attain the National Coach Rating.

Olympic Weightlifting Technique 101

  • Designed as a working plan to improve technique throughout high school and collegiate weight rooms. You athletes and coaches will be worked together. This is a great course to hold for each new season.

Olympic Weightlifting Technique for Functional Fitness

  • Functional Fitness is a unique training system that pushes the body to its limits. This course is built around those Functional Fitness specific requirements for performing at high rep or timed events. Using proper technique will allow for more efficient lifts saving energy on each lift.
Olympic Weightlifting Coaching the Coach
  • This course provides coaches the tools and knowledge to teach the olympic lifts. In this course you will learn how to develop an athlete to use proper technique in the olympic lifts at any experience level.