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07/11/2022 - Possible team training is being planned with Steadfast Barbell for the end of the month

07/08/2022 - Congratulations to Spencer Cole! Spencer recently competed at USAW Senior Nationals on Saturday, July 2nd. He hit a PR snatch of 129kg and clean and jerked 160kg for a 289kg total! 

07/01/2022 - Columbus Weightlifting Team, please remember to make room to assist with the 2023 Arnold Weightlifting Championships next March! It is vitally important we have everyones help with setting up, running and tearing down for the event. 

06/25/2022 - Columbus Weightlifting went on a road trip to train with Pittsburgh Barbell Club this past weekend 

06/01/2022 - Columbus Weightlifting is proud to hose the 2022 Ohio Weightlifting Championships and Midwest Open here in Columbus! Ask Mark or Shelly how you can help!