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    A Letter from Coach Mark Cannellla
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    O-Lift Magazine – Podcast with Mark Cannella
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    2016 Arnold Sports Championship
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Hi Mark.  Just wanted to drop you a quick line.  We are doing a 1RM snatch at Great Lakes today.  Just through the morning session we had at least 10 people hitting big pr’s all morning, the rest of them are well on their way.  It is 100% due to the cues and techniques I learned last weekend at the certification.  Amazing what a difference knowing the proper technique and being able to teach and implement it will have.  Thank you. –Patrick Flannery - Great Lakes CrossFit

Columbus Weightlifting, Mark & Drew, coached a fantastic and efficient 1-day course. Instructing our group on the skills and technique that is required to perform max effort lifts and to be competitive in the Snatch & Clean/Jerk. Awesome duo, loads of information, tons taken away! Thank you! –Miki Carey - Owner & Head Coach - Gardens CrossFit

I just wanted to send an additional thanks for the USAW certification this past weekend in Bridgeville, PA. What an awesome experience! I can honestly say that was one of the best if not the best learning experience I've had. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet you, Rege, and all the weightlifters; as well as, the opporutnity to learn from the best. –Travis DiLeo, c.s.c.s.

Over the weekend I went for my USAW. It was AWESOME! You never know what you're getting into with a 2 day cert that is so long but it was presented great and there were two great instructors in Regis Becker and Mark Cannella. They were patient and really made the 2/3 practical aspect awesome by watching us and taking the time to help us. I can guarantee the "splay" technique will change my overhead FOREVER!!!! I am excited to take this knowledge and apply it to my training and the training of all my clients and athletes. If anyone is on the fence about this certification I am telling you now GO TAKE IT!!!!!–John Dennis

Mark, an amazing weekend! I learned more in an hour than I have in my entire lifting history. I think the most beneficial part of the weekend was breaking down all the talented athletes we had and really focusing on learning the movements. It was really a humbling experience, and most of us are not used to being on the coaching/correcting side of it. We all checked our ego at the door and really got into it, helping each other in the lifts and helping each other get to the proper position! Do you have a slide by slide of Drew and Holley's lifts? I would love to study the progression. I hope to get down very soon and check out how you work with your athletes. Thanks again for all your help this weekend, it was very transferrable to anything we are going to do with our athletes.–Bryton T. Zuelke

Thanks for coaching me. Best meet I've had! More to come. –Eric Sandkuhl, Master Lifter from Hilliard, Ohio

I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for this past weekend. I know it is tough to travel and then speak to a group for 9 and then 5 hours in two days. I think you did a great job on presenting the information, and then helping us apply it. I have a few certifications but I would have to say that this was by far the most fun, and applicable certification course I have taken. Thanks again guys and below I have listed the link to my training log getting ready for slovakia/hungary. I just mentioned the course and did my part on a strongman forum to get the word out!–John W Dennis Jr. MS, CSCS, PES, CSSE, Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness

Mark,Thank you! It was a great weekend, everyone learned a lot of really practical material.I also hope to see you soon in Columbus!–Amanda Kephart , MS, CSCS, USAW Club Coach Head Sports Performance Coach Akron General Health and Wellness- North

I wanted to thank you again for all that you did this weekend, I could not have predicted how beneficial this was for me to participate in–Tanner Kolb

Mark, The lifts are going great, the cues help alot. thanks–Vic from Level 1 Sports Performance Course at the SPC Barn

In the three or four sessions I've worked with Mark and the Columbus crew, I've learned a great deal more about each lift than I have during my whole time in the sport. I haven't just learned about how to perform the lifts better, but I've also payed close attention to how Mark coaches athletes. By doing this I believe this had made me a better coach as well. Thanks, Mark! –Doug Berninger, M.Ed., CSCS, USAW - Sports Performance Coach, Level 1, Toledo Weightlifting Club

Words can't express how grateful I am to you for your coaching advice and technical cues. To put 12k on any lifter's total overnight is almost unheard of. To do it for someone who is already an elite athlete is nearly unfathomable. I wouldn't have made the World Team without your help. Plain and simple.–Rachel Crass, 2001-2004 Junior World Weightlifting Team Member, 2010 World Weightlifting Team Member

Thanks for the clinic. I think having all your friends come and help was very beneficial. I worked with Dan and Drew and they are very knowledgable and coached in a very constructive way. It is very obvious that you are very passionate about USAW and teaching things correctly. As a HS teacher and coach, there aren't enough people/coaches out there with your passion. Keep up the good work.–Joel Madsen - Teacher/Coach