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Follow the link to purchase Maximized Living products and 30% will come back to Columbus Weightlifting.


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Olympic Coach, Mark Cannella, is the head coach and president of the Columbus Weightlifting Club (CWLC) in Columbus, OH. He has been a part of the lifting community as a lifter, coach, administrator and official for over 20 years. Cannella coaches a member of the 2012 Olympic team and has produced many other International and National level lifters.


  1. Kai  December 21, 2015

    Great POST. I say this all the time while I am training. Check out MOBILITY WOD, K Star put up a video yraeetdsy about FLAT SHOES, it is 2 min and will explains about the weight of the shoe and how it transfers to the weight you body moves. Also check out the book The Prima Blue Print, there is a chapter about BEARFOOT LIVING in it. There is enough info to help you out. I bought 2 pairs of Chucks at payless 2 years ago for $60. I wear them everyday. Funny how the OLD SCHOOL technology out last other shoes but is actually better for you.


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